Award winning Master Barbers. From Modern haircuts to classic hot towel shaves, hair design, women's short cuts, hair portraits and more.

40m $40.00+

To really experience the full service of Marvelous Cuts, be sure to try our Platinum service. Includes a deep lathered hot towel shave, with no loose ends and a multilevel fade. The perfect way to enjoy an all-encompassing, engaging form of cut that fits each and every need you may have.

25m $25.00+

A traditional hot towel style shave lathered with your choice some of the best shaving products on the market today. Followed by a face message. This can be the ultimate in making sure you are left with a pristine, accurate shave that feels fantastic both during and after the experience.

45m $45.00+

Hair Design includes multiple lines, gradient fade, color integrations etc. We run with a team of expert designers who can help you fit any look or style that you wish to pull off. Not sure what is going to be the best fit for you personally? Come speak to us: we’ll help you find the ideal style.

10m $7.00

Done with an outliner trimmer or a straight edge blade. The child’s outline is a simple precise clean-up of the hairline. If you want to make sure that your child is left with the best possible edges to their hair, then this is what you need – it’s all about finding precision with each clipping.

15m $12.00

A ceasar cut is a one level haircut refined by a precise outline finish. This is a popular choice for children who want to carry off that cool-cut look, and that expert finish. It’s designed in a manner that is going to ensure you get all the help that you need in having the coolest and most precise cut possible.

20m $15.00+

A child’s fade usually consists of a two level haircut and an outline. A fade is a popular go-to option when you need that extra modern look. Fades are very popular for children who are in need of a look that isn’t too formal, nor too casual.

15m $15.00+

The proper term for Blowout/temple taper, a child’s taper is low temple neck fade followed by a hair outline.

20m $17.00+

A fade style blend into a Mohawk/fauxhawk top. These can be very popular in children who want to carry off that more alternative rocker theme. A fine choice when you want that extra touch of charm and something to really help your child stand out from the crowd.

10m $10.00+

Similar to a child’s outline, only on an adult other areas need well deserved attention in which we include: like the ears, brows neck and nose. This can help you to make sure you have all the ‘other’ areas dealt with, cleaning yourself up and finishing off that proper gentleman’s look.

15m $15.00+

Beard varies from person to person as well as with age. Beard design varies from a lowered Five O’clock outline, natural beard trim to just a goatee. An exceptionally detailed choice for making sure you are left with the most stylish outline and beard combination to really showcase a pristine, professional finish.

15m $15.00+

A Caesar cut is a one level haircut, which is refined by a precise outline finish. We provide these to many men looking for a very precise and stylish finish, offering the perfect chance for a bit of classy, top-end grooming to take place and look great at the same time.

20m $17.00+

A two or more level haircut blend. This fade includes just a neck clean-up and a sharp outline. A fine choice when you need that professional look and style, carrying off even the most challenging of facial designs moving forward.

25m $20.00+

A two or more level haircut blend. This fade includes a skin shave blend to the top. Just a neck clean-up and a sharp outline.

20m $20.00+

Cuts vary from difficulty of design. If you are looking for something specific, then try and help us out by providing some kind of starting point or image. If not, we’ll do what we can to give you that excellent and professional finish.

30m $25.00+

A full service haircut consists of haircut and beard combination. This helps to bring both together into one look that means you can feel comfortable having both facial hair and a haircut in a particular style. The perfect way for improving and upgrading how you go about managing and utilizing your hair.

5m varies

Please note that all of our eyebrow services are done with a straight edge blade, not with threads or tweezers. The perfect choice for any female who wants to make sure their eyebrows are as straight and as attractive as possible, ensuring that the shape, size and thickness works perfectly with your facial structure.

15m $12.00+

Woman’s side/back cuts can range from simple one level clean up to multi-level fade with Design. If you are looking for an ambitious haircut that is sure to give you all the help that you need in creating a nice, short hairstyle, don’t be afraid to contact us for extra advice and information.

5m $5.00+

The perfect way to make sure that you can look your very best. After you have gone through the cutting process to the standard that you expect, come and work with us using our wash feature to keep all of those excess hairs away from ruining your look!

50m $50.00+

A deep face, scalp and neck massage to stimulate blood flow to the scalp for healthier follicles producing stronger and healthier hair. If you are interested in mastering the art of rejuvenation and looking your best, then products like this are vital for making that possible!

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What people are saying

Always go for Alex honestly he is the best one there and he is really fast! SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR GET A APPOINTMENT NOW!

Alex B

Thanks Will for always hooking me up with the freshness.

Tank A

Alex was professional,friendly and he had my man and child haircuts both on point. Love the shop vibes. And the music was jamming.Very,Very pleased!!!!

Dianna D…

I am set an appointment with Alex. His area and shop was very clean. He himself was very knowledgeable about my hair Color and the way it grows. There was not any distractions while cutting my hair. The Management seems to have the most professional atmosphere in the area (in the shop) area. Not crazy loud music with out of control kids nothing out of the normal. I feel very relaxed when I am there he makes everyone know that if there's anything he or 1 of his staff can do better. TO Let Him Know. Great group of guys and gals....

Jarrod C…

Was very pleased with my visit, although it was my first time they made me feel comfortable and like I was a regular. Everything was so professional , will definitely be returning in the future.

John G…

Had an appointment with Alex. He was very professional. Took his time and even advised me about my razor bumps moving forward. I'll definitely be back.

Donnie B…

I've been coming here for at least a couple years now. The barbers are all excellent. I go to Santos though and he never lets me down! I tell him thank you for making me beautiful again.

Thomas W…

everytime i go i always come out with a nice haircut that im always content with. The best service

Thelussaint J…

It was one of the quickest yet nicest cuts I've gotten in a while.

Sunny P…

Always take their time to deliver the best cut possible!

Jacques-Simon D…

Very Clean and Professional. One of the best barbers I've gone to.

Xavier W…

Great service, good vibe all around. Besides their very professional barbers, they also have a great atmosphere, where u can have a good and respectful conversation with ppl, good music and also a very clean shop. I highly recommend.

Candido D…

I would recommend Marvelous Cuts to everyone. The shop caters to men, boys, and children. My son is three years old, with being an overprotective mother, I felt at ease when he got a hair cut today from Augusto. He was very kind and patient with my son. I loved his work. I will continue to bring my son there.

Ruth G…

One of the best barber shop in town. Great service, and the environment is great, always a good experience going in for a haircut.

Monteiro N…

Appointment was kept on schedule. Good customer service. Alex is one of the best barbers around. Definitely would recommend, it's my go to barbershop.

Steve D

They are very professional on what they do and everyone very friendly. Keep up with the good work guys?

Vaz D…

Booksy failed to log my appointment request. Alex still got me in his chair and out the door within 1.5 hrs.

Stephanas C…

Very great environment to be in. The shop is always in tip top shape and styled very professionally. At Marvelous Cuts all the barbers are friendly and create small talk to make the experience very out going and comfortable. They also go the extra mile to make sure your cut is perfect before you step out the door. They take pride in their craft and its very noticeable! Would recommend Marvelous Cuts 10 times out of 10!

Pires I…

Very professional comfortable environment nicely set up and they do very good job

mendes a…

This is the first barber shop where I've felt comfortable. Recommend at full speed

Marino F…

Do yourself a favor Today and book an appointment at Marvelous Cuts Brockton MA.

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